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Gorgeous Nepali couple Anisha & Arjit Wedding planning by Your Events Decor

I have never met a sweetest bride like Anisha and handsome groom like Arjit. They both are a perfect couple and seemed to meet each other at their college days. It was not just our business to count dollar but to let our clients have perfectly what they want. Our goal will always be a customer satisfaction and all of our clients are always happy with us to let their special day taken care of with our professional planning services. Bride, Groom, Guests and parents everybody is so happy to see things going smoothly and this is what you get at Your Events Decor and planning. Our years of experiences along with the bride/groom stories will also comes out with a successful wedding. We once again would like to thank this beautiful and young couple for their new beginning.

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Shirley Bolden and Wayne Wedding at Nakayshions, Cedar Hills, TX by Your Events Decor





IMG_5441 Shirley called me one day if we do ceiling draping and she had no idea how to decorate her wedding venue. I made an appointment to see her at the venue. We had a challenge to do ceiling draping as the owner of the venue did not want any pins and nail on their wall. I had to think very creatively not to make any scratch on their property and finally I am enlighten by a very creative idea. I  sketched the drawing to show the client and the owner and they both agreed. This is how it came out on wedding day, he bride and groom were super happy cause they did not think it will even possible. Hurry….another successful wedding!!









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