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ARUN & DARSHANA wedding by Your Events Decor at Texas Starlight Ranch

Arun, the groom, is a guy who is known for his humble and down to earth nature among friends. I have known him for many years as my friend and younger brother. I was very happy when they decided to get married. Arun’s fiance, currently his wife and bride of the day (Darshana) personally wanted me to plan her wedding because she has already seen so many of my work in the past and this was more like trust and professional approach than to our friendship. Darshana was brought up here in U.S and she knows exactly what she want for her wedding. It was actually easier to work with her because the was constantly in touch with us for every details. After sitting down with both of bride and groom and the parents of both families we have undertaken this wedding as a big and successful way. Here are some pictures of the event to take a look at for friends, family and our followers…..