Dallas wedding planner

Ijeoma and Godfrey wedding by Your Events Decor at Colleyville Centre.

One fine morning I got a call from Ijeoma from philadelphia and she was wishing to get married in Dallas. At that time I had no idea about both to be bride and groom and same with her about us. After exchanging several text messages and seeing our past works, finally she was sold to our award winning works and finally deceided to work with us for wedding flowers and decor. This wedding was very challenging as I did not have opportunity to meet both bride and groom in person so I had to figure out exactly what are their taste and preferences. We had very limited time to setup the venue for almost 300 guest party and each one of us working hard to make that wedding dream come true to her. Finally, when they walked in to the hall they were wowed and thanked us with extra tips for our outstanding works. Another successful project for us!!!!


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